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SET: Downtown Eastside as ARROW’s Post-Earthquake The Glades

Team Arrow thwarted part of Malcolm Merlyn (The Dark Archer)’s plan to level The Glades with an earthquake device in the season one finale last May.  But not all of it. A good section was flattened causing the death of hundreds. The Glades is Starling City’s Downtown Eastside-equivalent: impoverished and riddled with hookers, pimps and drug dealers but also a [...]

SHOOT: GODZILLA’s Japanese Nuclear Power Plant & its Quarantine Zone (in New Westminster)

Does the 3D Godzilla movie reboot reflect the real world event of Japan’s 2011 earthquake/tsunami and the resulting  nuclear crisis at some of the country’s older nuclear power plants? Is that the “contemporary issue” screenwriter Frank Darabont spoke of? It would seem so. “6.3 Earthquake Rocks Eastern Japan” said the news crawl on set screens [...]

SET: GODZILLA Turns Oceanic Plaza Downtown into San Francisco BART Station

Godzilla crew has turned Oceanic Plaza in downtown Vancouver into a San Francisco BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station, adding a San Francisco kiosk with ads for the Golden Gate Zoo, San Francisco mental health, San Francisco Pique Ballet Company and Go Whales Tours at Fisherman’s Wharf (the whale watching company and boats used by [...]

SET: GODZILLA Turns Watchmen’s Main Street Set in Burnaby into San Francisco’s Chinatown

Update: Godzilla filmed four or five massive SPFX explosions on this set overnight Saturday (June 22-23). See photo of one blast. Godzilla lit up the south Burnaby night sky at Marine Way and Byrne Road on Tuesday to shoot scenes on the Main Street set (built for the 2009 movie Watchmen) dressed as San Francisco’s [...]

SHOOT: Jon Tenney & Rebecca Romijn Film KING & MAXWELL Explosion Aftermath in Gastown

Secret service agents turned private investigators Sean King (Jon Tenney) and Michelle Maxwell (Rebecca Romijn) are the leads in the upcoming TNT series King & Maxwell, based on popular characters from best-selling author David Baldacci. In the episode filmed this week, the pair investigate an explosion at a Washington, D.C. eatery. One which impacts King [...]

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Turns Gastown into Manhattan for Robert Carlyle, Jennifer Morrison & Jared Gilmore

Some fans spotted prop New York taxi cabs and other NYC set dressing last December in Gastown and hoped it would be for one final downtown shoot of their show Fringe. Surprisingly, it turned out to be for Once Upon a Time instead. The modern fairy tale series shot scenes of famous fairy tale character Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) out of [...]

BATES MOTEL Sets Up Woodchuck Festival in Fort Langley for 1×02 – Updated

Updated March 25, 2013: Woodchuck Festival used for Norma (Vera Farmiga)’s clandestine date with Deputy Sheriff Shelby (Mike Vogel). A&E’s contemporary Psycho prequel Bates Motel set up a White Pine Bay Woodchuck Festival at the Fort Langley Community Centre for an overnight shoot last Thursday night. Bates Motel focuses on a younger version of Psycho [...]

SHOOT: Look What FRINGE Did to the West End’s Sherburn Building For 5×06 – Updated

Look what Fringe crew did to the West End’s Sherburn Building yesterday. It didn’t look like this thirteen months ago when Fringe filmed scenes for Subject 9, season four’s pivotal episode when Joshua Jackson’s Peter Bishop returned to existence. Yesterday’s scenes, like most of season five, appear to be set in 2036 when Observer overlords rule the world, [...]

THE KILLING Films at Vancouver Public Libary on Day 24 of Investigation – Updated

On Day 24 of the investigation into the murder of Seattle teen Rosie Larsen, the detective and political storylines intersect. At a downtown government building, Darren Richmond campaign advisor Gwen Eaton asks her Senator father to get a search warrant for the Wapi Eagle Casino from the attorney general, blackmailing him with the threat of exposing [...]