SEASON 6: Can Barry Save Iris From the Mirrorverse in THE FLASH ‘s Premature Season Finale on May 12th?

The Flash If Iris is still alive in there, there’s probably nothing left of her to save. — Joseph Carver. Can Barry save Iris from the Mirrorverse before The Flash season six’s end? Maybe not. The last filmed episode before

SEASON ONE: Historic DC Villain Hush Makes Debut on Next BATWOMAN

Batwoman Batman nemesis Tommy Elliot (Gabriel Mann) becomes historic DC villain Hush on the next Batwoman. CRACKING THE CODE – When members of Gotham’s intelligentsia begin disappearing, Commander Kane (Dougray Scott), Sophie (Meagan Tandy) and the Crows go searching for

SEASON 5: Is Sara a Champion Beer Pong Player on Next LEGENDS OF TOMORROW?

Legends of Tomorrow Get your togas because we are going Greek — Sara. Is Sara Lance a champion beer pong player on the next Legends of Tomorrow called Freaks and Greeks? SISTERHOOD – The Legends find themselves going back to

SEASON 5: Does Rama Khan Destroy the DEO in SUPERGIRL’s Next Episode?

Supergirl I came here to give you a second chance to destroy the Supers — Gamemnae to Rama Khan. Does Rama Khan destroy the DEO in Supergirl’s next episode, The Missing Link? It does look like his handiwork. LENA DISCOVERS THE

SEASON 5: Melissa Benoist Directs Lex-Centric SUPERGIRL

Supergirl Updated: Melissa Benoist directs Jon Cryer in Lex-centric Supergirl. What is Lex Luthor up to? Are his interests now aligned with Supergirl in a bigger battle against Leviathan? Or is he the same old Lex with his first order

SEASON 2: CHARMED Filmed Finale Tonight With Rupert Evans Playing Doubles

Charmed They’re looking for us — Maggie. In tonight’s Charmed season finale,  the Charmed Ones are at risk and only one person can help them. SEASON FINALE – In the season finale, The Charmed Ones must stop the Faction from

SEASON 4: RIVERDALE Season Finale Next Week Directed By Madchen Amick

Riverdale Madchen Amick directed Riverdale’s last filmed episode of season 4 —  Jughead’s story about a revenge-killing of Principal Honey. What an honor it was to direct these incredible actors & wonderful humans. Im so proud to be able to

AMAZON SERIES: Digital Afterlife Satire UPLOAD With Robbie Amell Streams May 1st

Upload The Digital Afterlife is One Click Away. Seriously injured in a self-driving car crash, coder Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell) has to make a decision — to take his chances in hospital or upload his consciousness to a virtual-reality afterlife.

SEASON 5: Why is Sara Blindfolded in the Next LEGENDS OF TOMORROW?

Legends of Tomorrow There’s a kid on the ship and a dog? — blindfolded Sara. Why is Sara Lance blindfolded on the Waverider? Does this have something to do with her superpower? On the next Legends of Tomorrow, Ship Broken.

SEASON 6: Godspeed & Pied Piper Return on Penultimate THE FLASH Directed By Amanda Tapping

The Flash Godspeed and Pied Piper return for the eighteenth of The Flash’s nineteen filmed episodes of season 6. Pay the Piper, directed by Vancouver’s Sci-Fi Queen Amanda Tapping, airs Tuesday, May 5th. Related: Godspeed and Pied Piper Return for

SEASON 5: Constantine & Zari 2.0 Team Up On LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Tonight

Legends of Tomorrow Constantine and Zarie 2.0. What exactly do you do besides wear the same outfit every day and screw up spells — Zari 2.0. Well I banish demons, slay dragons and walk through the fires of Hell. I’m